Frequently Asked Questions

If I want to apply for workers compensation, how do I know who my insurer is?2023-05-24T10:36:13+10:00

Workers’ compensation in the ACT is not run by the government but is a privately underwritten scheme, where there are multiple approved insurers that offer workers’ compensation coverage.

If you’re a union member, your union can tell you who your insurer will be, and provide you with advice and support through the process. If you’re not a union member, tell us some more details, and we will get back in touch with the information you need.

What is the first step if I am injured at work?2020-12-08T11:23:37+11:00

Report your injury to your employer, and complete an incident report form as soon as you can. Your employer should keep a record of incidents where you can record the date, time and details of the incident.

If it is a serious injury, report it to WorkSafe.

If your employer doesn’t have an incident register, write down the details of what happened and give them a copy.

Who can claim workers compensation?2020-12-08T11:23:56+11:00

All workers in the ACT are eligible to receive workers compensation. Workers are anyone who is contracted for service through an employment contract, either written or verbal.

For the purposes of workers compensation, workers include casuals and regular contractors who are employed on a regular and systematic basis.

What is workers compensation?2020-11-30T18:02:56+11:00

Workers compensation is a form of insurance payment to employees if they are injured at work or become sick due to their work.

Workers’ compensation can cover:

  • Medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Payments to workers to cover their wages while they’re not fit for work
Do I need a medical certificate from an allied health provider?2020-11-30T18:01:51+11:00

If you’re seeing a physio, chiropractor, osteopath or massage therapist, a certificate from them as a registered treatment provider will be enough.

However, you will need a certificate and appropriate medical evidence from a legally qualified medical practitioner if you are wanting to claim financial benefits i.e incapacity payments, or permanent impairment.

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