1. Report your injury to your employer as soon as it happens.

Most workplaces should have an incident register or an incident report form you can fill out.

If your employer doesn’t have the appropriate documentation, or isn’t cooperating with your request to note down the injury you should still record this information yourself, including:

  • the date and time of the injury
  • what happened, and the type of injury you sustained
  • details regarding the interactions you’ve had with your boss about the injury

If the injury is serious, you should also report it to WorkSafe ACT at 13 22 81.

2. Seek the appropriate immediate medical treatment and get a medical certificate from your treatment provider.

Ensure you get a certificate from your treatment provider to be eligible for making a claim. The medical certificate should include:

  • a diagnosis of the condition for which you are claiming workers’ compensation
  • the cause of the condition
  • the date of injury
  • details of your fitness for work
  • recommended treatment
  • other details as required.

3. Contact the Injured Workers Service to find out who is your provider and how to make a claim